You may hold great power to generate exceptional wealth through crypto investments, but if you lose the private keys, you lose all your money.

We’re all familiar with the popular adage, Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto. Having control of private keys serves as a safeguard against third parties & unauthorized users attempting to break into your wallet and access the funds.

In this guide, we will delve into the importance of having a self-custodial wallet and having sole control over your private keys.

Mnemonic/Private Keys: Why They Matter?

Mnemonics/Private Keys are the 12-24 word phrase that enables you to interact and transact on the Blockchain network. It acts like a password to your crypto wallet and grants access to your holding. The purpose of using Menmonics/Private keys is not just limited to crypto transactions, they prove that only you own the Blockchain addresses to which your crypto assets belong.

You need Mnemonics to authorize the transaction, restore access to your crypto wallet on any device, or use your funds.

Importance of Crypto Key Control

If any person/entity has access to your mnemonics, can use it to steal your funds. Controlling your private keys is crucial for so many reasons:

  • Ownership
  • A private key serves as an exclusive and confidential piece of information that represents ownership of a cryptocurrency wallet. It serves as evidence that you possess control over the funds held within the wallet. In the absence of a private key, accessing or using crypto assets becomes impossible.

  • Security
  • Private keys are created through intricate cryptographic algorithms, making it challenging (if not practically impossible) for anyone else to guess or attempt to brute-force. This robust encryption ensures that solely the legitimate owner of a wallet, and no one else, can gain access to and oversee its assets. This level of security is paramount.

  • Transaction Authorization
  • In the process of transferring cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another, the private key plays an important role in signing the transaction. This cryptographic signature functions as a digital fingerprint, verifying that you have sanctioned the transaction. Additionally, it acts as a safeguard against any tampering with the transaction once it has been signed.

  • Irrecoverability
  • The loss of a private key results in the permanent loss of the associated cryptocurrency. This emphasizes the importance of securely creating backups and storing private keys, as no centralized authority is capable of assisting in the recovery of lost keys or funds.

Do You Need To Memorize The Private Keys?

As we all know with keys anyone can access your funds. Even if you note down the details on paper, anyone can steal it or take a picture and you will not get to know until the funds are gone. Some investors or traders make this matter more complicated by memorizing the mnemonics and completely discarding the use of backups. Their idea is that if no backup exists, there will be no security threats.

While memorizing can be a powerful security tool, it is only applicable until to remember the seed phrase. But, as a human, the ability to consistently remember things becomes less reliable over time, which means, memorization is not a good idea. Also, it won’t protect you against wrench attacks, psychological tactics, and ransom schemes.

So what is an alternative?

The most effective method for safeguarding your private keys involves using a wallet that adheres to top-tier security protocols. It’s advisable to opt for a non-custodial wallet that includes a backup recovery feature. This way, should you ever misplace or forget your private keys, you’ll have the means to retrieve them through the wallet’s backup functionality.

Things You Can Do With Self Custodial Wallet

Apart from serving as a secure repository for your private keys, a non-custodial wallet (Web3 Wallet) opens up a world of possibilities. It empowers you to engage with DeFi protocols, and trade NFTs on authorized platforms, all without the need to expose your private key. Plus, it offers the convenience of managing a diverse portfolio of crypto assets all in one fortified location.

By retaining ownership of your mnemonic phrase, you eliminate the need to place your trust in intermediaries. You gain autonomy and security, ensuring that your crypto journey remains in your hands.

Protect Your Private Keys With AnCrypto- A Non-Custodial Chat & Pay Wallet

AnCrypto, the world’s pioneering Non-Custodial Chat and Pay wallet, not only brings you a secure solution for safeguarding your invaluable crypto keys but also emphasizes their minimal use.

Discard conventional reliance on public or private keys for verifying crypto payments. Instead, simply search for the corresponding username and initiate seamless transfers right within the chat window. Your private keys remain exclusively in your possession, eliminating the need to expose them on third-party platforms or wallets for transaction signing. AnCrypto goes the extra mile by offering a robust backup and recovery option, ensuring you can always regain access to your keys in the event of loss.

With an AnCrypto wallet at your disposal, you can actively participate in a range of popular DeFi activities, including:

  • Crypto Staking:
  • Grow your crypto holdings by staking them and earning rewards.

  • DApp Trading:
  • Seamlessly trades on decentralized applications (DApps) within the blockchain ecosystem.

  • NFT Exchange:
  • Buy, sell, and trade Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), all while retaining control of your private keys.

  • Crypto Buying and Selling:
  • Execute cryptocurrency transactions with ease, whether it’s buying, selling, or exchanging digital assets.

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