Great UX is a silent storyteller. AnCrypto is scripting a tale of seamless delight through its latest campaign; a digital gold rush where users can mine rewards, discover cutting-edge features, and become pioneers in the imminent crypto revolution.

Video Vibes: Get Creative, Get Rewarded!

Embark on the AnCrypto Quest, a rewarding adventure now open to video creators! Make an informative 30-second to 1-minute video about your favorite AnCrypto feature. We’re talking $2 for each unique and awesome video. More videos, more cash — it’s like a treasure hunt, but with videos!

Become a Crypto Legend: Rise to the Top

Your video skills can take you places! The higher you go, the more rewards and props you get. Reach the pinnacle, and bask in the recognition and additional rewards that come with being a top video contributor.

Lights, Camera, Interaction: Your Video, Your Voice

Don’t just make any video — make it awesome! Share your AnCrypto experience, show off its cool features, and keep it positive. The campaign encourages participants to create engaging video content, sharing personal experiences, insights, and opinions about AnCrypto.

Each video submission must include a link to the AnCrypto website, showcase specific features, and exude a positive tone. Whether it’s a quick 30-second reel or an in-depth 1-minute video, your contribution adds vibrancy to the crypto narrative, shaping the community’s understanding and fostering a sense of shared exploration.

Tech Talk: AnCrypto’s Cool Features

Explore cross-chain one-click payments using the Chat and Pay feature, compare AnCrypto with Trust Wallet and MetaMask, tag AnCrypto with leading Web3 gaming protocols, and delve into how AnCrypto delivers a Web 2.0 experience in a Web 3.0 wallet without compromising security.

Participants are encouraged to explore and showcase these features in their video submissions, providing an interactive and insightful look into the world of AnCrypto.

Weekly Video Treats: Cash In Your Creativity

This isn’t just about money; it’s about celebrating the community, your stories, and the power of crypto. Each week, the best video creators get rewards. And hey, the video that gets the most love, will also be rewarded.

Stand your chance at a $2 reward per video and the best entry with the most traction will receive $10.

Rewards will be given weekly to these outstanding video creators.

Submission Guidelines

  • One video per user per week.
  • Include a minimum of 2 screenshots showcasing the explained feature.
  • Keep it positive for AnCrypto — we’re all about good vibes!
  • Share on your YouTube or Instagram, tagging the official AnCrypto channel/profile.
  • Spread the love — tag @AnCryptoWallet on YouTube or on Instagram, fellow competitors, and influencers using #AnCrypto.
  • Video length: Minimum 30 seconds.
  • No cap on maximum length — go wild if you’d like!

Your Video Adventure Awaits!

Embark on a rewarding adventure with AnCrypto! Download the app, create your wallet, and seize the opportunity to participate in our exciting video contest. By showcasing your creativity, you are not just contributing to the crypto narrative but, stand a chance to earn fantastic rewards. It’s a simple process — download AnCrypto, create your wallet, and start using it.

Participate now, shape the future, and let the rewards roll in!

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