AnCrypto: The Most Secure Wallet For Your Crypto Assets

AnCrypto: The Most Secure Wallet For Your Crypto Assets

In crypto trading, the primary concerns are the security and safety of our digital assets. The increasing popularity of crypto is not just attracting genuine investors but also malicious scammers. Therefore, it becomes more important than ever to safeguard your crypto assets. One way to achieve this is through a reliable and secure DeFi wallet.

Among the various options available, AnCrypto stands out as a safe crypto wallet solution that supports millions of cryptocurrencies while providing essential features such as staking and purchasing crypto.

Know About AnCrypto: Your Safe Choice For Crypto Management

AnCrypto is a decentralized and non-custodial wallet that operates on a key-based system in which the public key acts as the receiving address for crypto and a private key acts as the transaction pin, bestowing asset ownership. By supporting features like multi-browser capabilities, the wallet can handle diverse assets across various blockchains.

Introducing Username – A secure replacement for smooth crypto transactions

There have been instances where crypto users lost crypto assets worth millions of dollars due to sending them to the wrong addresses. Blockchain transactions are irreversible, and there is no way to recover the assets. Setting asset security as paramount, this cryptocurrency chat and pay wallet incorporate the unique “username” feature that eliminates the dependency upon complex wallet addresses for sending/receiving crypto. Users can initiate send/receive requests in Chats by searching for the respective username on the Web3 network. This unique feature makes AnCrypto stand out as the safest choice for exchanging assets as there is no chance of a mistake.

Key Features of AnCrypto Wallet: Securing Crypto Network

  • Key-Based Security
  • AnCrypto Wallet adopts a keypair system, setting it apart from centralized wallets. Users retain control over their private keys, safeguarded through a 12-word seed phrase. This level of control enhances security by preventing unauthorized access.

  • Non-Custodial
  • Being a non-custodial wallet, AnCrypto grants users complete control over their assets. Users can make secure transfers, trade on decentralized applications, stake assets, store/share NFTs, and send/receive funds without relying on third-party custodians.

  • Interaction with DApps
  • DeFi transactions occur on web3 applications, making browser compatibility a crucial feature. AnCrypto Wallet integrates with trusted DeFi protocols and web browsers, ensuring a smooth user experience. It acts as a bridge between users and decentralized applications (DApps) on blockchain networks. DApps provide various services, such as decentralized finance (DeFi), NFT marketplaces, and decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

    By connecting your wallet to these DApps, engage in activities like lending, borrowing, trading, and participating in token sales without a centralized intermediary.

  • Multi-Asset Accessibility
  • While many wallets provide support for limited crypto and blockchains, AnCrypto Wallet offers multi-chain support, allowing users to seamlessly interact with various blockchains and explore diverse staking or yield farming opportunities without needing separate wallets for each chain. It goes beyond the standard crypto wallet functions, allowing users to perform swaps, stake, trade, buy crypto with fiat currencies, and interact with decentralized applications without leaving the wallet.

    This means you can use a single wallet to store various digital assets, including major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as other tokens built on different blockchain standards like ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum or BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain.

What makes AnCrypto a safer choice?

  • 12-Word Mnemonic Passphrase – A Key To Your Wallet
  • AnCrypto incorporates the 12-word mnemonic passphrase/seed phrase/recovery phrase, which is randomly generated at the time of wallet creation and acts as a password/backup for your decentralized wallet.
    This passphrase serves as a cryptographic representation of your private keys. If you lose access to your wallet, you can use this mnemonic to restore your wallet on a new device. And if you forget the password, you can always recover it using the AnCrypto app. However, it is crucial to keep this seed phrase secure and confidential, as it provides access to your cryptocurrency holdings.

  • Password-Protected Access – No Pin, No Entry
  • Password protection is a fundamental security measure for any digital wallet. When you create an account with AnCrypto Wallet, you can set a strong password that acts as the initial barrier to prevent unauthorized access to your funds.

    Also, every time you execute a transaction with the AnCrypto app, you need to enter the password, which makes the wallet an ideal choice for users who want to keep their assets protected at every step of blockchain transactions.

    One must choose a strong and unique password that is not easy to guess and keep it confidential.

  • Biometric Authentication: Fingerprint/Face Recognition
  • For an added layer of protection, AnCrypto uses Biometric authentication – unique physical characteristics or behavioral traits to verify the user’s identity and adds an extra layer of security to the assets within the wallet.

    The methods used within the app for user authentication are facial recognition and fingerprint scanning.

    Therefore, in addition to using the password or PIN, you can use your biometric data to unlock and access your wallet. This significantly enhances the security of your wallet by making it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access even if your password is compromised.

  • Transaction Control: Your Money, Your Choice
  • AnCrypto wallet users have granular control over their crypto transactions. While transacting, you can choose to set custom transaction fees based on your preference for transaction speed or cost efficiency.

    Additionally, you get to adjust the gas limit to specify how much gas (transaction fee) you are willing to pay for each transaction. This control ensures that you can manage your funds efficiently and tailor your transactions to your needs.

  • Backup And Recovery Of Seed Phrase
  • AnCrypto provides a backup and recovery for the mnemonics against data loss or device failures. During the wallet setup, you get a seed phrase, a series of randomly generated words that serve as a backup, allowing you to recover your wallet and access your funds if you lose your device or forget your password.

    In case you end up losing the seed phrase itself, you can recover it using the AnCrypto app. However, to use this feature, you need to be logged in to the app.

  • Privacy Protection: Never Ask For Your Personal Information
  • AnCrypto wallets prioritize the user’s privacy. Unlike other crypto wallets that ask for personal information (e.g. KYC) at the time of registration, AnCrypto does not require any of your data.

    With this Chat and Pay Crypto wallet, your identity is tied solely to your private keys, providing a higher degree of privacy and anonymity in your cryptocurrency transactions.

  • Self-Custody: Your Assets, Your Control
  • AnCrypto puts you in complete control of your cryptocurrency holdings. Unlike centralized wallets provided by exchanges or custodial services, where you entrust your funds to a third party, it allows you to manage your private keys directly.

    Private keys are unique cryptographic keys that grant access to your wallet and authorize transactions. By holding your private keys, you have sole ownership and responsibility for your funds.

  • No Device Dependability
  • If you are using the AnCrypto app, you do not need to rely upon a specific device to access your wallet. You can operate the wallet and manage your cryptocurrencies from anywhere with an internet connection, just by downloading the app.

    Therefore, you will never be dependent upon a specific physical location or device to use your wallet, making it convenient for users who need to transact on the go.


Security will always be of utmost importance in the crypto world, and AnCrypto has a strong emphasis on offering a safe and secure wallet solution for managing, trading, and storing digital assets. AnCrypto stands out to be a secure cryptocurrency wallet thanks to its special chat and payment features, key-pair system, multi-chain asset, and decentralized and non-custodial structures. Its unique capabilities are what make it different and empower the users to take complete control of their crypto journey.

Navigating Crypto Complexity with AnCrypto Usernames

Navigating Crypto Complexity with AnCrypto Usernames

With the ascent of the DeFi era, there is a growing need for better UX for crypto transactions. No doubt, the enthusiasts and proponents of cryptocurrencies are making great investments and spreading the word for mass adoption. Yet, some bottlenecks remain, when it comes to the efficacy of transactional performance. Of these, the key concern of crypto users is the necessity of entering the 25 to 42-digit alphanumeric wallet address of the recipient to send, exchange, or transfer cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, Doge, etc.) and related assets.

Here, AnCrypto has changed the game entirely! With AnCrypto, people from across the globe can send cryptocurrency to simple and readable usernames rather than lengthy perplexing wallet addresses.

But how is it shifting the equation in terms of crypto transactions? Read on to know about the obstacles overcome with the use of usernames and AnCrypto’s potential to utilize them to their full potential.

Challenges Associated with Crypto Wallet Addresses

There is more to the wallet addresses than just being lengthy to remember! In other words, if crypto users, investors, and traders keep using the wallet addresses to carry out transactions, the implications can be pretty distressing in the long run. And here’s how:

  • A hurdle in the path of mass adoption
  • Convenience is one essential factor for people to embrace new technologies. So, while crypto has shown immense growth in the past few years, it is mostly limited to tech-savvy audiences.

    An obvious analogy is the need to execute a huge number of steps and long waiting times while making digital payments, which is replaced by a few clicks of digital wallets today. The quick adoption of a cashless economy is a classic example of this change. Today, you can transfer, receive, and pay money in just a few seconds with your smartphone apps. Would you want to enter long bank account numbers to send money, after getting habituated to simple QR scans or using saved contacts to pay?

    Further, another great example is the way we check out any website. What if, instead of website names, you have to enter the long and complicated IP addresses in those strings of alphanumeric characters?

    As for the future that is already staring us in the face, crypto is influencing gaming, fashion, real estate, music, and many other sectors, especially as celebrities are endorsing the same on a global scale. Yet if the snags like wallet addresses do not go away, a lot is going to be at stake! And such a scenario cannot be afforded by disadvantaged groups, who happen to be the main beneficiaries of the decentralized financial system.

    Indeed, the simplicity of the complete process makes way for faster and wider mass adoption.

  • The irreversibility of transactions
  • If wallet addresses are essentially the only way to conduct transactions, and receive, exchange, send or transfer crypto funds, they take the central role in the way users interact with the blockchain. An extended string of letters and numbers is tough to recall and leaves people bumbling around and unable to retrieve their assets once those are sent to the wrong addresses.

    Even a single incorrect character in a 42-digit long address means you have lost your funds forever! With the numerous advantages of blockchain being immutable and secure for the same reason, this irreversibility comes at a price – the minutest error in entering a wallet address can make your crypto assets unrecoverable. And since there is no intermediary or regulatory authority involved in crypto transactions, you cannot claim to have any insurance for such a loss.

AnCrypto’s Usernames: Paving the Way for a Brighter Future of Crypto

AnCrypto has opened up the crypto space to more individuals by removing the anxiety and inconvenience associated with transferring money to complex wallet addresses. Its users have the choice to transfer money to anybody they want, simply by entering a username. And it extends farther than that when seen from the perspective of the future of cryptocurrency!
The following points highlight the ways in which AnCrypto is altering and refining the crypto transaction process:

  • Uncomplicating Transactions for Greater Acceptance
  • By significantly simplifying transactions and lowering the possibility of human error while transmitting crypto assets, AnCrypto has positively impacted the perception and adaption of cryptocurrency. In order to do a transaction, you just need to enter the specific username of another AnCrypto user and send or exchange the required amount of crypto. Moreover, you can create a contact list of crypto wallet usernames you wish to interact frequently with.

    Creating a New Wallet and Unique Username in AnCrypto:

  • Establishing Unique Identities in Web3
  • Since usernames are exclusive to crypto users in AnCrypto, they go beyond being a means of transaction. These usernames serve as your private web3 identities, that will, later on, play a role in how you engage in DApps, DAOs, and subsequent applications of blockchain.

  • Securing Transactions for Better User Experience
  • AnCrypto’s other crucial feature is the option to transact using the ‘chat and pay’ window, which acts as a major force in the usage of usernames. You can have your entire transaction history in the same chat window, you generally use to communicate with the other user. Through the chat option in the AnCrypto wallet, you can send, receive, request, and exchange assets across multiple blockchains, without using any other app.

    Apart from being less error-prone, this streamlines the user experience and sets the stage for effective usability in commonplace applications of blockchain technology. As other individuals (and DApps) can recognize you by a distinctive name, it significantly improves the accessibility of the blockchain.

    Finally, having fetched 180k users in a short span of time across the US, Philippines, India, Indonesia, and other countries, AnCrypto presents a shining example of the early success of the username approach.

End Note

Any advancement in technology faces resistance from traditionalists and skeptics at first, yet the modernists who adopt it encourage and enlighten the rest about its efficiency and benefits, eventually taking the revolution en masse. Besides, the adoption of crypto will witness fewer delays if it is made simpler for common people to transact.

In the initial phase of the cryptocurrency era, conventional wallets didn’t have very strong safeguards against loss of funds or private keys, and the mistake of sending cryptocurrencies to incorrect addresses wasn’t uncommon. However, such errors were not a major cause of worry then, owing to the low value of cryptocurrencies.

With high-value investments today, things have changed and crypto holders seek more straightforward techniques to expedite their transactions. So, a future-oriented solution is utilizing customized human-readable names as in the case of AnCrypto.

Embrace the Future with AnCrypto: Join the Dapps Startup Showcase

Embrace the Future with AnCrypto: Join the Dapps Startup Showcase

Decentralized applications (Dapps) serve as instrumental proof of the transformative impact of blockchain technology. With the renowned app store,, it has become all the more easy to explore a range of blockchain-based applications.

Its upcoming series of webinars, Dapps Showcase Event, is a progressive initiative in the blockchain sector.

On 13th July 2023, 5 PM (IST), the industry leader and founder-CTO of AnCrypto, Mr. Siddharth Gupta, is going to enlighten the audience about his vision behind their revolutionary innovations.

Here is a complete overview of the Dapps Showcase Event and its anticipated activities, that will illustrate the innovation behind AnCrypto and more..

About is a decentralized dApp store for web3 users, developers, and enthusiasts. It is based on the concepts of accountable communication, interoperability, and programmability. The platform is open-source, configurable, and chain-agnostic. makes use of smart contracts to make sure that the interactions between users and applications are absolutely safe and secure. Decentralized reviews and ratings further deter the entry of hackers and spammers.

About the Dapps Showcase Event

The platform’s next Dapps Showcase Event aims to highlight the most recent advancements, thought leadership, and prospective partnerships in the blockchain realm. This interactive online event will bring together web3 visionaries, creators, and developers from all around the world. The following brief will give you a glimpse of the expected activities at the event:

Live Demonstrations of the AnCrypto app:

There’s gonna be a special focus on the live demonstrations to provide attendees with an intricate view of the applications that are reshaping the ecosystem. A DApp like AnCrypto is one-of-the-first kind of crypto wallet to have a chat-and-pay functionality, that has simplified transactions to a great extent.

So, this will be a firsthand or simulated experience of how this Dapp is influencing various sectors and opening up new opportunities, from decentralized financial (DeFi) platforms to gaming and more. Some of the top-level works of the platform developers will be illustrated, revealing the potential and adaptability of Dapps.

Interactive Q&A Session on AnCrypto:

Collaboration is indeed the best way to learn and progress, which is why this showcase includes interactive Q&A sessions at the event. Participants of the event can engage in discussions with developers, industry leaders, and other experts present there. For a web3 buff, this is a golden chance to hear from the trailblazers fueling the Dapps revolution, get answers to the most inquisitive queries, gain in-depth knowledge, exchange and express opinions, and learn about the complexities of blockchain technology.

Sneak-Peek into the Ways of Revenue Generation:

Another valuable topic of the event, the questions about yields and returns hover in the minds of every investor and trader of web3 apps. To make the journey easy for future innovators, the esteemed leaders will talk about the possibilities and prospects of decentralized finance, how Dapps will overhaul the established banking systems, and pave new ways to make money. Attendees of the session are free to share their perceptions, doubts, and related concerns with the experienced professionals of the field.

Networking and Collaborations:

Finally, the Dapps Showcase Event offers a credible platform for budding entrepreneurs and technocrats to work together and build networks. In other words, you have this great opportunity to make connections with other blockchain enthusiasts, and developers, and forge partnerships and joint ventures, thus, making a difference in this dynamic ecosystem of web3 apps.

Wrap up

In conclusion, if you are curious to learn about the blockchain revolution, you must attend the Dapps Showcase Event, take part in Q&A sessions, watch live demos, and have vibrant discussions with the pioneers of the industry. Also, you would like to prepare yourself beforehand for the stimulating debates on the future of blockchain technology and explore the countless opportunities that lie ahead.

It will not only help you discover and explore the potential of Dapps like AnCrypto but also show you the way to adapt to new and upcoming advancements. To reserve your seat and take part in this online session, register right away.

AnCrypto: World’s First Chat & Pay Crypto Wallet

AnCrypto: World’s First Chat & Pay Crypto Wallet

The Web3 world is growing at a fast pace & liquidity is the holy grail of decentralized systems. When you are sending crypto assets, it is essential to make sure you send them to the correct address.

Unfortunately, millions of Bitcoin are still unclaimed on the blockchain network because of their wrong public addresses. The public address has complex random alphanumeric characters, and if you enter it wrong, chances are that you lose crypto funds forever. Enter username, instead!

With a vision to achieve the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, we are thrilled to uncover the world’s first chat & pay wallet, AnCrypto. Our multi chain wallet lets users send and receive crypto assets through a simple and intuitive chat interface.

By using our Chat & Pay deFi wallet, you can transfer crypto to anyone using a simple username, without a complex public address. Also, it enables users to securely identify and confirm the recipient’s identity on the web3 space.

Moreover, our multichain crypto wallet helps to simplify the transaction process, providing a one-stop solution for crypto investors to manage their assets in a secure environment. Use AnCrypto to buy, sell, store and manage multi-chain crypto assets without sharing personal details or private keys.

Chat & Pay: A trustful crypto handshake

The traditional Crypto transfer process is complex and error-prone; requiring users to provide public addresses every time to send crypto coins/tokens.

With the Chat & Pay feature, AnCrypto potentially solves the problem of sending crypto to the wrong public address, and never retrieving them back. Now, you can create a contact list & tap on any username to send them cryptos.

Moreover, you can also ask anyone to transfer your crypto assets by initiating a request in the chat window.

Replace all public addresses with a simple username

To perform any crypto transfer on the Blockchain network, you need a 32-bit alphanumeric public address. These public addresses are lengthy, complex, and highly difficult to manage.

And, due to the irreversible nature of crypto transactions, one small mistake in entering the address can compromise all crypto assets you have.

To simplify the transaction process, AnCrypto brings a user-friendly and easy-to-remember username in place of complex public addresses. Map one simple username to all public addresses and transfer crypto assets on any blockchain.

Also, being non-custodial, AnCrypto does not ask for KYC. Just create an account, and you are ready to transact in the crypto world.

More Features

Consider AnCrypto as a buffet for Crypto enthusiasts where AnCrypto itself is a chef who can help to navigate the crypto menu and make the best decisions for crypto investments and trading needs.

From a single username for each crypto transfer to access to multiple crypto exchanges, our multi-coin wallet has a lot more to bring to the table for investors and traders. Find out how AnCrypto can improve your crypto experience on multiple blockchain platforms.

1. Use ‘Manage Wallet’ to seamlessly manage multiple digital wallets together

Managing multiple wallets can be annoying. To make it easy, AnCrypto brings you a new “Manage Wallet” feature using which you can manage multiple wallet portfolios, and watch the progress of all the wallets on a single dashboard.

And, if you want to see the details of any specific wallet, tap on it to check its worth at a glance. You can also set the wallet to “Read Only” mode to track the crypto assets while restricting the transaction.

2. Cover the transaction gaps between blockchains by bridging them together

We see DeFi as the next evolution of crypto payment and asset management that combines the current blockchain technologies to create a whole new crypto ecosystem where peer-to-peer blockchain communication and crypto transfers are possible.

With a unique Bridge feature, our DeFi Crypto wallet aims to cover the communication and transaction gap between multiple blockchains by enabling them to interact. Swap crypto at high speed, and with the utmost convenience using the Bridge feature.

3. Browse any dApp or NFT in a single space

We bring you the wallet that enables you to browse any DeFi application or web 3.0 apps using a single interface. AnCrypto is the gateway to the DApp universe.

Moreover, Buy, add, and store the NFTs regardless of the Blockchain with Ancrypto. You can browse NFTs using any DApp on our wallet without switching the apps.

Check the real-time market insights on Dashboard, the real-time value of assets, price fluctuations, and the performance of the various cryptos & stay up-to-date with what is happening around in the crypto world.

Download Ancrypto – DeFi crypto wallet now!

As crypto enthusiasts, we want a handy, secure, and all-in-one crypto wallet app that enables us to manage and track crypto on multiple Blockchains.

Create an account and share the app link with your family and friends to earn AWT Reward Tokens. Setting up the AnCrypto is an initial step. Download the App Today!