The Web3 world is growing at a fast pace & liquidity is the holy grail of decentralized systems. When you are sending crypto assets, it is essential to make sure you send them to the correct address.

Unfortunately, millions of Bitcoin are still unclaimed on the blockchain network because of their wrong public addresses. The public address has complex random alphanumeric characters, and if you enter it wrong, chances are that you lose crypto funds forever. Enter username, instead!

With a vision to achieve the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, we are thrilled to uncover the world’s first chat & pay wallet, AnCrypto. Our multi chain wallet lets users send and receive crypto assets through a simple and intuitive chat interface.

By using our Chat & Pay deFi wallet, you can transfer crypto to anyone using a simple username, without a complex public address. Also, it enables users to securely identify and confirm the recipient’s identity on the web3 space.

Moreover, our multichain crypto wallet helps to simplify the transaction process, providing a one-stop solution for crypto investors to manage their assets in a secure environment. Use AnCrypto to buy, sell, store and manage multi-chain crypto assets without sharing personal details or private keys.

Chat & Pay: A trustful crypto handshake

The traditional Crypto transfer process is complex and error-prone; requiring users to provide public addresses every time to send crypto coins/tokens.

With the Chat & Pay feature, AnCrypto potentially solves the problem of sending crypto to the wrong public address, and never retrieving them back. Now, you can create a contact list & tap on any username to send them cryptos.

Moreover, you can also ask anyone to transfer your crypto assets by initiating a request in the chat window.

Replace all public addresses with a simple username

To perform any crypto transfer on the Blockchain network, you need a 32-bit alphanumeric public address. These public addresses are lengthy, complex, and highly difficult to manage.

And, due to the irreversible nature of crypto transactions, one small mistake in entering the address can compromise all crypto assets you have.

To simplify the transaction process, AnCrypto brings a user-friendly and easy-to-remember username in place of complex public addresses. Map one simple username to all public addresses and transfer crypto assets on any blockchain.

Also, being non-custodial, AnCrypto does not ask for KYC. Just create an account, and you are ready to transact in the crypto world.

More Features

Consider AnCrypto as a buffet for Crypto enthusiasts where AnCrypto itself is a chef who can help to navigate the crypto menu and make the best decisions for crypto investments and trading needs.

From a single username for each crypto transfer to access to multiple crypto exchanges, our multi-coin wallet has a lot more to bring to the table for investors and traders. Find out how AnCrypto can improve your crypto experience on multiple blockchain platforms.

1. Use ‘Manage Wallet’ to seamlessly manage multiple digital wallets together

Managing multiple wallets can be annoying. To make it easy, AnCrypto brings you a new “Manage Wallet” feature using which you can manage multiple wallet portfolios, and watch the progress of all the wallets on a single dashboard.

And, if you want to see the details of any specific wallet, tap on it to check its worth at a glance. You can also set the wallet to “Read Only” mode to track the crypto assets while restricting the transaction.

2. Cover the transaction gaps between blockchains by bridging them together

We see DeFi as the next evolution of crypto payment and asset management that combines the current blockchain technologies to create a whole new crypto ecosystem where peer-to-peer blockchain communication and crypto transfers are possible.

With a unique Bridge feature, our DeFi Crypto wallet aims to cover the communication and transaction gap between multiple blockchains by enabling them to interact. Swap crypto at high speed, and with the utmost convenience using the Bridge feature.

3. Browse any dApp or NFT in a single space

We bring you the wallet that enables you to browse any DeFi application or web 3.0 apps using a single interface. AnCrypto is the gateway to the DApp universe.

Moreover, Buy, add, and store the NFTs regardless of the Blockchain with Ancrypto. You can browse NFTs using any DApp on our wallet without switching the apps.

Check the real-time market insights on Dashboard, the real-time value of assets, price fluctuations, and the performance of the various cryptos & stay up-to-date with what is happening around in the crypto world.

Download Ancrypto – DeFi crypto wallet now!

As crypto enthusiasts, we want a handy, secure, and all-in-one crypto wallet app that enables us to manage and track crypto on multiple Blockchains.

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