Imagine purchasing any real-world asset or digital artwork online and becoming the owner of it with a unique digital token.

Isn’t it amazing? Fortunately, this can be true with NFTs!

NFT aka Non-Fungible Tokens are unique cryptographic tokens with unique identification codes and metadata on the Blockchain network. These Tokens represent real-world objects and digital assets like games, art, or music in the form of digital assets. You can mint, buy, and sell NFTs online.

You cannot replace, modify, or exchange NFTs once created, which is why NFTs are gaining worldwide popularity. Also, one NFT cannot trade with the other NFTs as both values are incomparable; both are exclusively different.

How are NFTs created?

You can create NFT of anything possible to convert into a digital identity. For example – pictures, videos, music, games, selfies, graphics, tweets, GIFs, and more. After that, you can trade these NFTs online at the NFT marketplace to the visitors.

Let’s say, you are a painting artist; you can convert your painting into a digital asset and get complete ownership.

A user needs to pay Gas Fee(transaction fee) for using the Blockchain technology. Once NFT is created, no one can edit or modify it ( including the owner), and the buyer becomes the owner. Also, the owner can digitally sign the NFTs and save the information as NFT metadata.

Please Note: NFTs minting is a process to convert digital data into digital identifiers or crypto-collectibles recorded on the Blockchain. This data is stored in the distributed ledger, and can not be changed, deleted, or modified.

Process To Create NFTs

  • Setup The Crypto Wallet
  • To create NFTs, a user needs to create an account in a crypto wallet.

  • Choose the NFTs Marketplace
  • Select the NFT marketplace where you want to mint (create) NFTs. The most popular NFT marketplaces are OpenSea, Axie Marketplace, Nifty Gateway, and Foundation are some popular NFT marketplaces.

  • Minting the NFT
  • Every Marketplace provides an easy guide to creating or minting NFT. Usually, you can start with a click on the “Create” button on the marketplace, choose the file to create NFT, and upload it. You can create single NFTs as well as a series of NFTs.

    Blockchain Protocols used for creating NFTs are ( BEP-721, for single NFT), and (BEP-1155, for multiple NFTs).

    Once you choose the digital file, you need to pay a Gas fee from the wallet to complete the minting process.

How do NFTs Work?

The unique identification of NFTs is verified by the Blockchain ledger. The first ever NFT was created on Ethereum Blockchain, and now it is available on other Blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Tezos, Solana, and more. Just like Physical art, NFTs ownership can be bought or sold, and the price depends upon the market demand.

Problems involved in dealing with NFTs

For NFTs trading, one must clearly understand the involved technical process. When interacting with Blockchain, the user has to pay a Gas fee, or transaction fee for “Mining” or verifying the transaction. On every minted NFT, the user pays a Gas fee, even if the outcomes are meager. Some users prefer using bots to make sure that they grab the NFTs when minted to make the market less accessible for new users.

Platform To Buy NFTs

If you want to buy NFTs, you can purchase them from different platforms based on what type of NFT you want. The most popular platforms to buy NFTs are OpenSea, SuperRare, NiftyGateway, and AsyncArt.

Seller and purchaser must have a Crypto wallet to buy or sell NFTs. Buying NFT is a simple process, make sure you have funds in your account & you are all set to go. Popular platforms sell NFTs in auctions, so you need to bid to make a purchase. Prefer buying NFTs from the primary marketplaces as the product purchased in such places has better resale value than exchanges. The NFT price can go up to 10 times higher than the original when in demand.

However, the demand for art in the market can be hard to estimate. When you are purchasing from a secondary marketplace, you can compare the purchase to previously sold products.

Are NFTs The Next Big Thing?

Non-Fungible Tokens are now a prominent part of the Crypto market, however, driven by FOMO and scarcity. With increasing popularity, people are now willing to pay thousands of dollars to buy NFTs. At present, NFTs are mostly created to sell digital art and collectibles. In upcoming years, NFTs may be used for tokenizing real-world assets to bring more transparency and incorruptibility to the deals.

Creating NFTs for real estate can be highly beneficial. Although the future of NFTs is unclear, it holds the hidden power to bring transformation in the real & the internet world.

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